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The Exhaust Systems



The Exhaust Systems



All of our Exhaust Systems are bespoke, made to measure in top quality Stainless Steel - which come with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE.





Our exhausts are not 'off the the shelf' systems which gives you the benefit of having an exhaust system tailor made, perfectly matched to your vehicle & your requirements. Plus having the added option to add in a VORTEX unit of your choice.



You can choose from the Economy or Performance options:


VORTEX ECOFLO - with fuel savings of up to 25%


VORTEX RACEFLO - up to 10% more Power and Torque than any other performance exhuast system.


The revolutionary VORTEX unit creates a vortex effect that literally sucks the exhaust gasses out of the engine, allowing it to breathe and burn fuel more efficiently, in order to achieve the best possible performance from your engine. 





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We manufacture our bespoke exhaust systems from T304 Grade Stainless Steel.  All of our systems are made and set up for your individual requirements with choices of looks, sound level and system routing.


We guarantee our exhaust systems will last the lifetime of your vehicle.  Using top quality T304 Grade Stainless Steel means our exhaust systems will never corrode.  Whereas more commonly used 409 or Mild Steel systems can start to corrode in as little as 2 years (Mild Steel systems can start to corrode in only 12 Months)






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